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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Water Service?

You will need to fill out and sign a Water/Sewer Service Application Form and pay the $150.00 deposit that is required before water service can be turned on.

In addition, you will need to show proof of identification. Because the City of Dayton requires a deposit and proof of ID you will need to come into the City of Dayton to sign up of Water and Sewer Service.

The Dayton City Hall is located at 416 Ferry Street, Dayton Oregon and is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Download a water/sewer application form

What is the basic water & sewer rate?

Water and Sewer Rates:  Water is measured in 10 cubic foot increments and not gallons. The basic water rate is based on usage from 0 to 400 cubic feet.  Sewer rates are charged by a flat monthly rate. For more information regarding water and sewer rates click on the above link.

Why is my water white or cloudy?

Dissolved air escaping from the water will cause bubbles that make the water look cloudy.  This can occur in winter when the water is cold and carries lots of oxygen or air.  When water comes into your house it warms up and the oxygen wants to escape.  Turning on the tap is like shaking up a bottle of warm soda, the air fizzes up.

It can also be caused due to a change in the direction in which the water flows through water lines.  In the summer time when water usage is high, in order to keep up with the water demand, it is sometimes necessary to change back and forth between water sources, causing dissolved air to form in the water lines.

In either case, nothing is wrong with the water and it is safe to drink. 

I have a Water/Sewer Emergency and it is after 5:00 pm, What do I do?

You can call YCOM's non-emerency number at (503) 435-6500 and the on call Public Works staff member will be notified.

I think I have a water leak, What can I do?

Try turning off all water faucets inside and outside of your home.  If you can hear water running you may have a leak. 

You can also go out to your Water Meter and look to see if the dial is turning.  If you have all your faucets turned off and you have checked to see that you do not have a toilet that is running, then the water meter dial should not turn.  If it does you may have a water leak. 

If you are not able to determine if your water is still running once you have turned off all water sources, then call the City of Dayton at (503) 864-2221 and we can have a Public Works Staff member do a leak test.

If you have had a water leak fixed - you may be eligible for a partial refund on a large water bill.  Contact the City of Dayton for more information.

If I go on vacation can I have my water service suspended?

YES! The City of Dayton will turn off your water at the meter one time per year for no extra charge. 

You will need to request that your water service be turned off in writing. You can request your water service to be turned off  or you can pick up a form at Dayton City Hall located at 416 Ferry Street, Dayton Oregon.  City Hall is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  For more information contact us at (503) 864-2221.

You will not be charged for water or sewer service while your service has been turned off.

Is my Water/Sewer Deposit Refundable?

Yes. Water-Sewer Deposits are refunded when you move out or turn off water service. Any remaining bill will be deducted from the deposit amount before being refunded. 

It is very important that you tell us when you will be moving out, so that we can calculate your final bill correctly.  We will need to get your forwarding address information, so that we can send your refund to the correct address.

How do I find a Certified Backflow Tester?

The City of Dayton requires persons who test backflow devices to register their business annually with the City. For a current list of approved backflow testers click on the link below.

Find a Certified/Registered Backflow Tester

How do I get a Library Card?

Just come into the Mary Gilkey City Library and fill out a Library Application Form.  You will need to show your Identification with your correct proof of address.  You can down-load an application form and bring it with you to make the process a little quicker.

Children will need to have their parent's or legal guardian's identification as well as their signature on the Application Form.

The Mary Gilkey City Library is located at 416 Ferry Street, Dayton Oregon.  For more information you can contact the Library at (503) 864-2221. 

Is Today a Burn Day?

For Backyard Burning Information Call: (503) 472-3344

How do I register my Business?

The City of Dayton requires all persons conducting business within the city limits of Dayton to register their business annually.  The cost of registering your Business with the City of Dayton is $25.00 per year.  Business Registrations expire December 31st each year.

To register your Business or Home Occupation, just fill out a Business Registration Application Form and send it with your fee to the City of Dayton, PO Box 339, Dayton OR 97114 or bring it into the Dayton City Hall at 416 Ferry Street, Dayton Oregon.  We will send you your Business Registration Certificate in the mail and we will add your business to our web site, under our local business section.

You can down-load a Business Registration Application or and the corresponding Municipal Code from this web site.

Download an Application

How do I report a Street Light that is Out?
All street light poles are numbered, numbers are on the pole itself and about eye level.  You can report a street light that is out by getting the street light pole number on the pole and calling PGE at (800) 542-8818.  PGE will then come out and repair the street light.

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